Game On’s Game Dry is an outstanding product.  This product is purchased by the bag, and used to correct wet spots before a game.  If you don’t have field topping you’ll want a lot of this.  Game Dry is like field topping, but it is very fine.  This gives the material more surface area to quickly soak up water. 

This product is so effective it is also used to clean up chemical spills. 

Application is simple and quick.  Sweep or Shop Vac standing water out of the wet spot then spread Game dry on top.  Then lightly work the Game Dry into the muddy area.  This will firm up the area quickly and get your baseball or softball game started on time. 

 Game On Field Dry Game On looks forward to being the leading provider of baseball and softball infield products in the midwest. We capture more market share every day. Game On is confident that our quality, and value will place us in the top tier of field topping suppliers.





  Wev'e used the Game On products at over 100 fields without a single complaint. - Troy Frazier